Palm Plates

Advantages of choosing Palm Leaf Plates!

Replace your disposable plastic packaging with our 100% eco-friendly palm leaf crockery. Ideal for special events, catering, weddings – anywhere you want something disposable that is sturdy and stylish yet totally environmentally friendly.

Six reasons why you should use Palm Leaf:
1. Palm leaf plates are sturdy, lightweight and low-priced
2. Fully decomposes in a soil environment which creates food organic matter for the earth
3. 100% Eco-friendly, made only the leaves which fall from the Areca Palm Tree and hot water
4. Useable for all food types including hot or cold, dry or wet, spicy and oily foods
5. Suitable for use in Fridge, Freezer and Microwave
6. They have a long shelf life and are easy to store

Palm Plates
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