Switch to GoodLife® Compostable Packaging!

Under the GoodLife® brand we stock a large and varied range of recyclable and home compostable packaging.

If you are looking for bagasse, palm leaf, plastic free coffee cups and sip thru lids, wooden cutlery and baking moulds or wood free bamboo coffee stirrers you can rely on our quality and competitive pricing.  

Start the year off right and switch to these eco-friendly alternative packaging solutions. Perfect for all food and drink on the go and ideal for your delivery service!

Why Choose GoodLife®?

✔ GoodLife® only use materials derived from natural and organic sustainable resources that do not harm the world’s food supply.

✔ All GoodLife® packaging is naturally compostable in your  compost heap ensuring that they return to nature quickly.

✔ The GoodLife® range has been designed to fulfil all the latest demands of the catering sector, are strong, reliable, safe and good value too!

✔ All GoodLife® products are sourced from fully accredited suppliers to BRC standard code of conduct including ISO 9000 and 14000.

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