Compostable Hot Cups
The most exciting thing to happen to take-out coffee cups in over 50 years...

Compostable Hot Cups

Locally Recyclable, Home Compostable and Plastic Free!

The introduction of these fantastic virtually plastic free cups with their 100% plastic free lids was a natural progression in our sustainable journey and probably the most exciting step into the future for the coffee to go sector.
These are specifically designed to be recycled locally with ordinary paper and cardboard waste, re-pulped with them for re-use. And in stark comparison to PE lined coffee cups these can be home composted or sent with food waste to the nearest professional composting facility (conform to EN13432) For any operator keen to enhance their environmental credentials this is the cup and lid for them.

ripple cup

Switch to Compostable

Our compostable coffee cups have 100% plastic free linings making them amongst the most sustainable coffee-to-go cups on the market.

Grow your take-out coffee sales with confidence using cups with impeccable environmental credentials.

Home Compostable

If you or your customers prefer to return the cup to nature our TerraCups ® or Black Walled Aqueous cups are fully home compostable. Unlike cups lined with plant plastic (PLA) these cups do not have to be sent for industrial composting. Do not leave cups in humid/moist areas or on top of your coffee machines as they will start to decompose!

Personalise Your Cup

We can help make your cup extra-special by personalising them with your own design and logo to create the ultimate takeaway coffee experience for your customers.

Bagasse Sip Thru Lids

Pair with our Bagasse 100% plastic free and tree free lids for the perfect coffee to go combo.

Made using materials derived from natural and organic sustainable resources such as sugar cane waste, ensuring that they can return to nature quickly.

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Having a home compostable cup & lid is fantastic. The quality is great and it is fundamental that these cups become the way forward – it is the only truly sustainable take away cup. Other type of cups are misleading in their environmental performance claims, so it is reassuring to be able to use these fully tested cups in our business.
The Venus Company

When using our compostable cups…

  • Pop into recycling bin once used (even if they end up in landfill the cups will fully compost in 6-9 weeks!)
  • Double walled so you don’t need an outer sleeve.
  • Pair with our Bagasse tree free lids for perfect eco takeaway combo.
  • Do not leave cups in humid/moist areas or on top of your coffee machines as they will start to decompose!

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