Restaurant Delivery Packaging

Is your restaurant already working with Uber Eats? We can help you find the best biodegradable packaging.

Why we are right for you…

Sovereign has been working closely with businesses across the UK to help them transition into the takeout and delivery market.  This includes some of biggest pub chains and high-end restaurants in the country.  As a supplier of takeout packaging to the coffee and food to go sector for over 25 years our knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to our clients to help them make this swift move.

How we can help…

We can help you identify the most suitable hot and cold food packaging to ensure it arrives to your customers in great condition. We have a sample room full of products you’ll be interested in. Download our catalogue and get in touch with a member of our team to take advantage of our free sample service so you can see for yourself how well your food fits with some of the many options we have available.

And remember, when you’re ready to order we deliver the next working day across the UK for orders received before 3pm.

Working together…

The landscape of the takeout and delivery market has changed rapidly and during recent years it’s difficult to predict the adjustments we’ll have to make next. That’s why we are here to work with you in ensuring stability and consistency in our products and services.

We specialise in providing:

  • Take out packaging
  • Delivery packaging
  • Restaurant delivery packaging
  • Deliveroo packaging
  • Uber Eats packaging
  • Just Eat packaging

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