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The Signature® VIP range of paper hot cups is a new extra rigid ribbing system that gives great insulation from heat so that no other sleeve is required. And the compact ribs give the cup a feeling of extra strength. Combine that with the classic two-tone brown design and when you have this cup in your hand you really will feel like a VIP.



After the great success of the brown and black VIP cup we have introduced the white and black version, the MONO VIP cup. Give your coffee that Mono look without compromising on quality.


Ranging from sizes 7oz to 22oz, we have the perfect cup for every type of drink. Whether you serve still, sparkling, smoothie or a milkshake, we offer a wide range of flat lids as well as dome lids to suit. Flat lids can be either straw slot or solid, dome lids generally have a hole, though we do have lids with an extra wide hole and no hole as well. All fully recyclable!


White Hot Cup

When it comes to hot cups Signature® are continually coming up with new stock designs and new ideas without ever compromising on quality or price. The Signature™ hot cup range is growing all the time. You can get 8oz, 12oz and 16oz plain white cups in single wall.


Cup Carrier

These durable fibre-board cup carry trays come in 2 cup and 4 cup sizes. The easiest way to carry out multiple drink orders from your shop. Suitable for hot and cold drink cups for 8oz to 24oz sizes.

Our carriers are made from 100% recycled material. Sometimes we use old newspapers, other times waste packaging materials and always something that is no longer needed. Water is added to the waste material and then the cup carriers are moulded. As a result of the various materials used the colour of the cup carriers can change from one production to the next.

Please note that even if the Signature® cup carriers change colour that the process and moulds we use are always the same and the quality of the product is never compromised by its colour.


Dessert Pots

Continuing to bring you the latest and most innovative products Sovereign® have introduced a fourth size to our popular Signature™ dessert pot range. Round dessert pots and lids now come in 4oz, 8oz, 15oz and 16oz sizes. These crystal clear pots are ideal for yoghurts, granolas, desserts and cereals.

The QR45 is a 450ml (approx. 15oz) is a deep-fill ideal for breakfasts, cold soups and fruit. It is the perfect complement to the existing sizes and takes the same lid as our current medium 8oz size. There is a 4oz insert that sits neatly in the top of the dessert pot and is ideal for separating wet and dry foods. The whole range shows off your food in the best light in your chill cabinets and custom printing is available. This exciting new range & new size is in stock and available for immediate delivery. Request your samples now and try the entire range.

Use the QR45Q container with our QI4 insert to separate your granola and dry foods from your yoghurt and fruit. This keeps your food fresher for longer in the chiller cabinet and in its best condition when your customer comes to consume it.

The QR45Q container is ideal for cold soups like gazpacho showing the colours of the food in their best light through the crystal clear PET material.


Snack Box

The Signature® Snackbox is a premium brown kraft take-out food box at a price you will be amazed at. Available now from stock in a variety of sizes, including our most popular sizes – #1, #2 and #8 – the Snackbox is the ideal solution for your hot and cold food to go for any operation or occasion. All our Snackbox range is 100% recyclable and leak-proof.



Available in two sizes our bamboo coffee stirrers are the best solution on the market for the single use stir. As the consumer becomes more aware of wood sources and wood has become more expensive wooden stirrers have become less desirable and more expensive.

Bamboo is 100% tree-free and a highly renewable resource that is harvested twice a year from planting. There are no FSC or PEFC certificates required and you can be sure it is the most environmentally friendly single use stir on the market. The stirrers come packed with ten inner boxes of 1,000 inside a case or individual boxes.