Sovereign’s Sustainable Solutions!

We have switched hundreds of customers to environmentally friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging options such as Plastic Free Coffee Cups and Lids, Bagasse, Bamboo and Palm Leaf.

All of our GoodLife® bagasse products are home compostable and made from otherwise unwanted organic waste material. Once GoodLife® products have been used, they can all be home composted returning to mother earth in just weeks.

Our Palm Leaf plates, bowls and platters are made from dead leaves which fall from the Areca Palm Tree, indigenous to India, and are formed using only heat and water. 100% natural products have zero impact on the environment as there are no additives and they can be recycled or home composted!

The PET salad containers and deli pots we supply are widely recyclable and made up of at least 30% recycled content to meet the regulatory compliance for plastic packaging materials within the UK.

Sovereign have provided electric cars to our senior management team and installed charging points for all staff and visitors to use freely as an incentive for them to switch. It is our goal to upgrade from diesel to electric vans as soon as practical to provide a more energy conscious and fuel-efficient delivery service.

We have installed Solar Panels at our Leighton Buzzard site. These provide all our electrical needs (including recharging of electric cars for all staff who have these) for almost half the year and contribute significantly even in the winter months. Also, we installed light and movement sensors which have significantly reduced energy consumed by our warehouse lighting.

Our sustainability goals are an important part of our company’s ethos and we will continue to strive to achieving sustainability excellence.

To find out more or to discuss upgrading your current food packaging to eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives contact us today!

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