Achieve your sustainability goals in 2023!

At Sovereign we are committed to helping our customers have the most sustainable packaging possible and improve their business’s environmental credentials. 

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Here are some of the products that are currently trending…

Bagasse Containers

Our GoodLife® range of hinge-lid trays and boxes are the ideal replacement for plastic and foam plates and food containers. They are made from unwanted natural materials such as sugar cane waste, 100% home and industrially compostable.

Click here to view GoodLife® range.

Compostable Hot Cups

Our compostable coffee to go cups are 100% free from harmful plastic linings such as PE and PLA making them amongst the most sustainable coffee-to-go cups on the market. Pair with our Bagasse plastic free and tree free lids for the perfect coffee to go combo!

Click here to view our compostable cups.

Palm Leaf Plates, Bowls and Platters

Our palm leaf range is made from organic dead palm leaves using only heat and water. They are home compostable – even if they end up in land-fill they will totally decompose in weeks, leaving zero impact on the environment.

Click here to view palm products.

What we are currently doing to achieve our sustainability goals for 2023…

1. Providing electric cars to our senior management team and installing charging points for all staff and visitors to use freely as an incentive for them to switch.

2. In a major move towards operating more sustainably we are in the process of installing Solar Panels at our Leighton Buzzard site. These should provide all our electrical needs (including recharging of electric cars for all staff who have these) for almost half the year and contribute significantly even in the winter months.

3. It is our goal to upgrade from diesel to electric vans as soon as practical to provide a more energy conscious and fuel-efficient delivery service. 

4. Switching more of our customers to environmentally friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging options such as Plastic Free Coffee Cups and Lids, Bagasse, Bamboo and Palm Leaf!

Our sustainability goals are an important part of our company’s ethos and we will continue to strive to achieving sustainability excellence in the coming year. 

For more information or to book a consultation please email or give us a call on 020 7841 3170.

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