Benefits on using sustainable home compostable food packaging (Study Funded by The Venus Company Ltd)

Grow Media‘s latest article discusses the pioneering hospitality company, The Venus Company Ltd, funding an environmental study with Cranford University on the benefits on using sustainable home compostable food packaging and features a statement from our Chairman Barbara Feldman.

“One of my favourite topics is sustainable packaging and educating people on the myths and misconceptions which are still out there which are so confusing to consumers. You only have to google ‘plastic-free coffee cups’ and up comes loads of them – all lined with PLA….which is a plastic! Just because it is made from plants, doesn’t mean it’s not plastic and it can’t be home composted either. She adds: “Palm leaf platters are totally natural products made from dead leaves with only water and heat added to shape the items so are ideal for home composting and truly sustainable with almost zero impact on the environment. If they do end up in landfill they still completely decompose, as do leaves, in around 6 – 9 weeks.”

The Venus Company is one of Sovereign’s long term customers whom we have supported by providing a wide range of truly sustainable packaging over the years. A strong commitment to sustainable development and solutions are at the heart of everything they do and this has won them 2 Queens Awards for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. The Venus company has stated that it likes to work with like-minded companies who share their ethos. This includes Sovereign Partners founded three decades ago, selling innovative packaging to the upmarket food and coffee to go market with sustainability as the key ingredient and who supply their palm plates.

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We at Sovereign take pride in how we have encouraged our customers to switch to a more sustainable way of serving and delivering their delicious food and drinks. We can offer you with a wide range of eco-friendly packaging which is truly sustainable and has the highest environmental credentials, honestly described. Our team will be happy to work alongside you and advise what materials and products will work best for you and your business. Including packaging from our GoodLife® range such as bagasse plates and clamshells, TerraCup® hot cups, and palm leaf plates, platters and bowls. All GoodLife® products are home compostable and most are made from otherwise unwanted organic material! We are also members of OPRL are thus able to give customers full details of how to best recycle items to give them a new life after use.

To arrange a review of your current packaging and to discuss switching over to more sustainable options, please contact our expert team by emailing or give us a call on 020 3817 4150. 

The Venus Company Full English Breakfast on Palm Plate

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