Single-use vs multiple-use packaging (Report by The EPPA)

The EPPA (European Paper Packaging Alliance) have recently shared a report of the differences between “Single-Use VS Multiple-Use” packaging in quick service restaurants.

This study has looked into 24 different food and drink containers which are used to serve all food and drink types in a variety of settings. Packaging studied included items such as cold and hot cups, salad bowls with lids, ice-cream containers, fry bags, wraps, clamshells and cutlery.

“Thanks to a certified and 3rd party reviewed comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study carried out by Ramboll, an independent Danish consultancy, the science is now challenging the common misconception that reusable food and drink packaging is more sustainable than single-use paper packaging. In 6 of 9 categories, including climate change and water usage, single-use paper products performed better than reusable tableware.”

Please click here to view report.

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Credit – EPPA (European Paper Packaging Alliance)

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