TerraCup® – The perfect cup for the Earth!

Sovereign have introduced the most exciting cup to hit this industry since the 1980s – a truly sustainable cup with a plastic free lining!

– No PLA
– No PE
– No Plastic Lining
– No need for specialist recycling to remove the plastic
– No need for industrial composting to break down PLA
Simply recycle with your general paper waste locally. This will ensure that the cups once used will almost always go on to be pulped for re-use – locally, cheaply, effectively.
You, or your customers, can simply put the used cups with the standard kerbside recycling collection. And if you prefer to compost and return to nature these are home compostable and will be gone within weeks with zero impact on the environment, even if they end up on Landfill!

This is a huge environmental breakthrough and will change the take out coffee market forever… the most significant change since 1987 when Starbucks launched their coffee shop in Seattle putting coffee in a board cup.
Partner this cup with our Sip Thru Lids made from Bagasse and you will have the most sustainable take-out coffee cup on the planet.

Want to know more or order yours today, contact our expert team at sales@e-2go.net or call 0203 817 4150! 

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